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Child Money Back (932)

Child Money Back (932) Life Insurance Corporation of India

lic moneyback plans

Jeevan Tarun (934)

Jeevan Tarun (934) Life Insurance Corporation of India

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Single Premium (917)

Single Premium (917) Life Insurance Corporation of India

Overview of LIC Child Career Plan:

LIC Child Career Plan is a child coverage plan which covers the child. This is conventional cash returned plan which will pay normal cash returned blessings that offer economic help for your baby while required. The plan additionally gives a prolonged time period for longer insurance at the existence of your baby.

Having financial security for your children is imperative especially when you are not around to fulfill your child’s dreams. This is wherein child coverage plans come into the picture. These plans offer a safe internet to your baby’s destiny desires via way of means of developing a confident economic corpus even in your absence. LIC’s Child Career Plan is one such existence coverage plan that’s designed to offer economic aid for your baby.

Let’s understand this plan in details –

1. Child Money Back Plan

Key features:

The maturity benefit will be equal to the base sum assured at the time of purchase.
You can avail of the loan under this child plan.
The premiums can be paid on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis


Entry Age – 0-12 Years
Maturity Age –  25 Years
Minimum Sum Assured – Rs. 1 Lakh, Max – no Limit
Policy Term – 25 years (age at entry)
Money Back at : 18th, 20th, 22th – year

2. Jeevan Tarun Plan

Key features:

It is a traditional child plan that carries benefits of the endowment Plan and Money Back Plan
It offers flexible premium payment options.
A free lock-in period (of up to 15 days) is available under which a policyholder can return the policy if (s) he wants to.
Provides LIC premium waiver benefit rider.
A person can avail loan against the plan only when it has reached a surrender value.


Entry Age – 90 Days to 12 Years
Maturity Age –  25 Years
Minimum Sum Assured – Rs. 75000, Max – no Limit
Policy Term – 25 years (age at entry)
Premium Payment – 20 Years (as at entry)

3. Single Premium (917)

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